Da-Mogu Community Donor

By paying the amount of 400 €, you become a Community Donor of the Da-Mogu Brand and you will receive 2 hats/beanies (of your choice) from the current collection of Da-Mogu knitted hats as a gift every year. Gifts are shipped in December of the current year.

By paying the amount of 1.000 €, you become a Da-Mogu Community Major Donor and you will receive 4 hats/beanies (of your choice) from the current collection of Da-Mogu knitted hats as a gift every year. Gifts are shipped in December of the current year.


Buy 4 and get 5 hats/beanies.

Choose and order hats for the whole family, friends or your team at work. Regardless of the group of people or your chosen community you buy hats for, if you decide to buy 5 hats, 1 hat is always free. That is, in case of buying 10 hats, 2 hats are free… However, if you order 20 hats or more, contact us so that we can send you a personalized discount and rewards for your loyalty to the Da-Mogu initiative  🙂


Photo of the month

Every month we reward the author of a great photo of our hat, in nature, on the city streets, in the countryside, ordinary or unusual exteriors. We reward you for a special, creative, distinctive, exterior photo taken in the form of 1 free hat from our collection (free delivery to your postal address).


Our knitters are dedicated and experienced. They knit or crochet from their young age. Every hat in our collection is made with a lot of attention and love. We opted for merino wool, for a lot of reasons. In addition to the fact that merino wool is wool of the highest quality, it is delicate and adapted to the most sensitive skin types. We order from trusted suppliers, because it is equally important for us to be a socially responsible company that cares about vulnerable groups as well as the environment and especially about the treatment of animals. In this way, we are acquainted with the origin of wool, the processing and production of yarns we use for knitting and crocheting our hats and beanies. The yarns we use for our hats are OEKO-TEX® and GOTS ® certified.



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Every working day from 9 am to 4 pm we are at your disposal at the e-mail address For all questions received by 1 pm, we will try to answer as soon as possible. For questions received after 4 pm we will answer you the next working day, and for questions received on Saturdays, Sundays and non-working days, you will receive an answer the first working day.