About us

About us

Da-Mogu initiative started having for goal to promote handicraft, slow fashion, sustainable fashion industry and most of all wishing to provide professional engagement to individuals heavenly affected by pandemia consequences – elderly people, people with disabilities and socio-economically endagered. Equally important to us is to engage professional, qualified and expert knitters who can assure response to eventual huge demand as well as additional education for the knitters who would need it. We have chosen to begin with hand knitted and crocheted hats and beanies, because this is an important clothing accessory, but also the whole production process brings a lot of benefits to our knitters and to our environment. Wool hats and beanies have become a necessary clothing accessory during cold winter months and long stay outdoors, no matter if it is urban or nature environment and surroundings. Our products are made with 100% merino wool, bought from verified suppliers. Our hats and beanies are modern, creative and made with love.


Tatjana Aćimović

Company CEO and initiator of Da-Mogu initiative. Producer and project manager in audiovisual industry and performing arts, having many years of experience in area of building community capacities through advocating for rights and active inclusion of vulnerable community members. She founded Association for promotion of creativity and equal chances Alternator and she was Children Rights Festival artistic director for 13 years. Active hiker and passionate knitter.

Irena Petrović

She is the head of production, sales and communications at the Da-Mogu company, a graduate journalist who has dedicated herself to projects intended primarily for children and young people. She has many years of experience working in an international organization, and is actively involved in volunteering in the field of media literacy. She often spends her free time outside the city, and one of her favorite leisure activities is reading books.

Vanja Hraste

A serious and passionate knitter, she is the main knitter in the Da-Mogu team. She knits from her young age and is happy to pass on her knitting knowledge by organizing trainings. A graduate filmmaker who has been working in the field of audiovisual arts for many years. She designed and led the project “Milo za drago” with the basic idea of exchanging goods without the use of money. She is socially engaged and advocates for animal rights. She lives in the countryside with her husband and their two dogs.


Sanjin Kaštelan, author of photographs

He has worked on various projects, collaborated with agencies, done fashion editorials, photographed public and private events, and worked on numerous socially-engaged projects. For himself, he says that emotion is his priority in the display, and light is what he is preoccupied with. When he is not behind the camera, he engages in djing, sports activities (Yoga, climbing) and socialization.

Branimir Lazanja, author of the Da-Mogu logo and label

The graphic designer, who also deals with the art direction and creative direction of commercials and short films and screenwriting. He has won about 70 national and international professional awards. His works in the field of graphic design are published in international publications. He runs his own design and advertising agency called Najlon.



Every hat in our collection is woven with a lot of attention and love.


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For all additional questions we are at your disposal via e-mail address: info@damogu.org